20 November 2019 | Brussels, Belgium
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20 November 2019
Brussels, Belgium
G-STIC 2019

Pitching programme (9.30 - 11.25)

Presentations that are available can be downloaded by clicking on the presentation title.

9.30 Introduction Introduction
9.35 Long-lasting vertical-axis wind turbine for extreme wind conditions
Saethor Asgeirsson - IceWind, Iceland
BVI: Body Measurement for the 21st Century
Richard Barnes - Select Research, United Kingdom
9.40 The future of energy: New generation of decentralized energy storage
Jakob Bitner - VoltStorage, Germany
Storm anticipation expert
Fabrice Caquin - SELERYS, France
9.45 How to predict an epileptic seizure 
David Blánquez Caurel - MJN Neuroserveis, Spain
Real-time tracking of Maintenance & FM operations
Vicentiu Corbu - Keep it Mobile, Romania
9.50 Water control for better insurance: Early leak detection and risk assessment
Grégoire de Hemptinne - Shayp, Belgium
Mental joystick: AI for multi-modal human machine interaction
Pasquale Fedele - Liquidweb, Italy
9.55 Bringing smartphones into the circular economy
Sarah Defranchi - VOLPY, France
Innovative counterfeit solutions
Hugo Garcia-Cotte - Cypheme, France
10.00 Minimum space high-efficient ballast water treatment equipment
Agustín Esparta - Garabi Industrial Technologies, Spain
Ultrasound biofilm removal without chemicals
Mieke Harteel-Van Genabet - Harsonic Ultrasound Biofim Removal, Belgium
10.05 Cyber metering technology for energy management
John Gionas - Meazon, Greece
Zero-waste bio-refinery for biowaste and sewage sludge valorisation
María Luisa Hernández Latorre - INGELIA, Spain
10.10 Highly reliable, cost-effective and power efficient IoT connectivity
Bruno Johnson - Cascoda, United Kingdom
Remote patient monitoring: Cloud-based health measurement
Henrik Ibsen - OpenTeleHealth, Denmark
10.15 Needle-free smartpatch for painless drug delivery
Eduardo W. Jørgensen - Medicsen, Spain 
Applied bio-polymer production to food and nutraceutical industries
Yukihisa Matsunaga - BIOerg, Italy
10.20 Non-surgical treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Ziv Kalfon - Allevetix Medical, Israel
Pre-screening of Persistent Organic Pollutants in food and water
Roman Oros - SAFTRA Photonics, Slovakia
10.25 Secure & scalable data flow for smarter devices
Ramin L. Mokhtari - ICE Gateway, Germany
Precision farming sensor solution for real time soil analysis and control
Matthias Nöster - Geoprospectors, Austria
10.30 Qualitative electricity storage for solar energy
Raphael Meyer - Lancey Energy Storage, France
Market adoption of an innovative, organic Phosphorus fertiliser
Edward Someus - Terra Humana, Hungary
10.35 Crop monitoring - Machine learning analysis of bioelectrical signals
Carrol Plummer - Vivent SARL, Switzerland
Eco-friendly, non polluting, self-sufficient desalination technology
Sascha Meyer - WME, Germany
10.40 Coupling AI and prevention to improve employee health & performance
Cyrille Guillet - iamYiam, United Kingdom
Advanced sensorization for an environmentally friendly industry 4.0
Raúl Ortiz - Alternative Energy Innovations, Spain 
10.45 Innovation in the mental health industry: mood elevation device
Mehrdad Seirafi - Emosys, Netherlands

10.50 A disruptive online coffee market for green coffee bean direct trade
Hans Stier - Bonaverde, Germany
Lab-on-phone system for easier diagnostic of Lyme disease
Eduardo Coelho - STAB VIDA, Portugal
10.55 Smart care in smart homes supporting smart urban districts
Balazs Szathmary - Better@Home Service, Germany
Nutrient Management and Nutrient Recovery Thematic Network (NUTRIMAN)
Edward Someus - Terra Humana, Hungary



1) Ms. Sarah Defranchi from VOLPY

2) MrEduardo W. Jørgensen from Medicsen


1) Mr. Hugo Garcia-Cotte from Cypheme

2) Mr. Raúl Ortiz from Alternative Energy Innovations


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